Intelligently manage large volumes of incoming email

Get the most out of email

24/7 availability

Being reachable by email makes you constantly available, allowing your customers to write to you at their convenience.

Easy sharing

Being able to send images or documents makes it easy to better detail requests and provide complete answers.


Your customers appreciate the transparency of email, thanks to its written and indisputable quality.

Handle the chaos of email

Centralize your incoming emails to intelligently manage them from reception to closing.

One or many inboxes

Find all your inboxes in one place, whether they are hosted on our servers (MX) or yours (IMAP).

Push or pull email distribution

Automatically distribute emails to your agents or allow them to choose which emails they wish to handle.

Smart routing

Each email is analyzed to understand customer needs by identifying keywords, language, customers information, spam… before routing it to the right agent.

Ensure quality responses

Your agents are equipped with a familiar text editor, as well as the necessary tools to deliver complete and accurate answers that live up to customer expectations.


With fill-in-the-blank templates, agents can give speedy replies while customers receive quality information.

Email control

Save a draft, answer, transfer or close a thread – agents have control.

Customer history

With customer records, interaction history and email threads, agents know the context of each email.

Knowledge base

Give your agents the right information in an easy-to-access format that’s ready to be copy/pasted directly into their emails.

Reduce the customer effort needed to reach satisfaction

No one appreciates waiting over 48 hours for an answer, and even less for an incomplete answer. Evaluate the quality of your team’s responses and track KPI to guarantee a great customer experience.


Supervisors are able to read, validate or invalidate outbound emails before they are sent to the customer to ensure quality content.

Response control

Limit the time agents have to answer an email to guarantee your SLAs and supervise outgoing emails with the proofreading tool before sending them out to customers.

Dedicated KPIs

Measure the activity of your incoming and outgoing emails with key metrics such as average wait time and response time.


Automate notifications

Use outbound email to automatically send emails to your customers based on different actions taken, keywords, dates…

Create balance between your contact channels

For each type of customer request, a suitable channel exists. Use email for requests that aren’t urgent or complicated.


An agent doesn’t have the whole answer? He can write what he knows and send the email back to the queue or transfer it to be completed by another colleague.

Easy incoming email management