Kick-start the conversation by using outbound call or IVR campaigns.


Outbound call campaign (with agent)

Launch a campaign and automatically distribute programmed calls to your agents.

IVR campaign (agentless)

Automatically share information with your customers or automate routine tasks using an IVR.

Simultaneous campaigns

Surveys, promos, info… Launch multiple campaigns at once – one for every need.

Try strategies

Based on the customer’s profile, schedule at what time a contact will be recontacted if they couldn’t be reached the first time.

Message deposit

No answer? Choose to leave a voicemail when an answering machine is detected.

Ensure a high contact rate

Your customers lead busy lives, so reaching them isn’t always easy. Put the odds in your favor to successfully get your message out.

Optimize your call campaigns

INO CX dials and distributes calls to your agents to gain time and eliminate risks of misdials. From their interface, agents have all the tools they need to be fully dedicated to customer conversations.

Call blending

Make the most of off-peak periods to automatically distribute programmed campaign calls to available agents.

Push/pull distribution

Automatically distribute calls to your agents or let them manually pick which scheduled calls to make.

Call scripts

Guide your agents in their conversations for better flow and easier monitoring.

Dedicated KPIs

Track your campaigns at a glance with customizable dashboards.

Automate your outbound calls with an IVR

Dynamic routing

Create your routing trees and customize customer journeys based on collected data, DTMF choices …

Self-service tool

Automate routine tasks like data collection, card payments …

Freed agents

Massively share information in an automated way to leave more value-added tasks to your agents.

Include campaigns in your customer relationship strategy

Reach your marketing objectives

To send out surveys or update your database… campaigns help you obtain the information you need rapidly.

Be proactive!

Use campaigns to deliver important information: by offering a proactive and personalized customer service, customer loyalty is boosted.

Develop your business

Campaigns are ideal tools to acquire new customers or to reconnect with old ones.

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