Include credit card payments in your buyer’s journey

Offer 4 ways to pay


Agents can handle card payments from their interface directly with the customer, by IVR or by sending an SMS/email.


Offer a rapid payment service, available 24/7, with IVR.


Embed the web module in your website to allow your customers to pay in just a few clicks.


Send an SMS or an email with a secure web link that will allow your customer to pay by card.

Include card payments in your customer relationship strategy

By reducing the effort needed to subscribe to your services, buy a product or to pay a bill, not only will you increase your customer satisfaction rate, but your conversion rates as well.

Bring your own bank

Connect your account to our platform to unify your cash flow management.

Dedicated KPIs

Closely track your business in real time on customizable dashboards.


Synchronize your business tools using webhooks to stay automatically updated.

Your customers choose their preferred channel

Limiting payment channels can cause friction in the buyer’s journey. Put your customers at ease by offering them different options of safe and secure payment channels.

Payment tracking

You’ll be notified in real-time if the payment was successful or not.

Fraud detection

To protect your customers and your business, any suspicious activity will result in a refused payment.


Automatically send a payment confirmation SMS or email to reassure your customers.

Give your customers more flexibility

Give a choice between several payment methods to best meet the needs of your customers. Instant, scheduled, recurring or by instalment payments … your customers will appreciate it.

Secure payments

Transactions are processed in real time and all errors are reported, offering additional payment security to your customers and you.


Using a token-based system, no bank details are saved to ensure your customers’ security.

Free or planned transactions

Prepare any upcoming transactions, propose different offers, or let your agents handle customer payments of any amount.

Streamline your buyer’s journey

Create debt collection campaigns

Reach out to your customers by creating outbound call, IVR or SMS campaigns to claim any outstanding debts that gives them a direct payment option.

Offer self-services

Let your customers pay without hassle. By embedding a payment module in your website or offering an IVR payment option, your customers are independent.

Fortify customer relationships

Mobile and connected, your customers appreciate being able to choose which payment method works for them.

Accept card payments easily