Enhance your customer relationships with short, simple and proactive messaging.


Automatic notification

Automatically send an SMS to your customers based on customer actions, regardless of the contact channel used.


Schedule and send SMS in bulk with the possibility of customizing each message through the use of variables.

Agent interface

Agents can send SMS to your customers directly from their interface.

Personalize your SMS

To create a personal relationship with your customers, recognize them as individuals with ultra-targeted messages. By using dynamic templates, each message can be unique based on its recipient.


Use information based on your data to customize each message.

Custom sender

Choose which name shows up so your customers recognize they’ve received an SMS from you.

Priority management

Decide the order in which the scheduled SMS will be sent based on data like VIP status, dates, and more.

Quickly prepare your campaigns

Create your campaign

Set times and dates, and create or reuse an SMS template for your campaign.

Import your contacts

Choose your data source and filters to only import information that is relevant to your campaign.

Launch it!

With one click, launch your campaign and track its performance at any time.

Short and simple messaging

Target your communications

Filter your imports and customize your messages to launch an ultra-targeted campaign based on the data of your choice.

SMS to promote sales

Drive traffic to your points of sale or your website by using promotional SMS to inform your customers of any offers.

Build customer loyalty

With an open rate close to 100%, use SMS to keep your customers informed of any important or promotional information.

Add value to your customer relationships with SMS