A powerful customer communication channel

Handle customer conversations with ease

Guarantee quality conversations

To ensure high-quality conversations, calls are uncompressed and conform to the best standard.

Improve your call flows

Use collected data to identify areas of friction and minimize customer effort, limit call abandons, and reduce wait times.

Optimize your resources by reducing low-value calls

Correctly identify caller needs to route them towards the best agent or self-service on the right channel.

Lead your customers to the right service

To ensure your customers are never left unanswered, create smart routing flows to guide your callers to the best agent or self-service.

Available numbers

Buy numbers when you need them or port your existing numbers.


Guide your customers, automate repetitive tasks, or create selfcare services.

Call strategies

In case of call overflows or long wait times, give your callers the choice to call back or be called back at a later time.

Smart ACD

Distribute calls based on your business rules: agent skills, time, customer information…

Let your agents focus on the conversation

Maximize customer satisfaction by giving your agents the right tools and information in one place so they can focus on your customer.


Agents can make and receive calls directly from their browser.

Contact manager

For a 360º view of the customer, agents can access their cards to find key information and interaction details.

Guided interactions

Help your agents with call scripts, templates, knowledge bases and in-call collaboration.

statistiques view for voice channel

Manage calls in real time

Whether it’s to handle the calm or the storm, make informed decisions using statistics available from the agent/supervisor interface or your dashboards.


Manage your teams with call recording, listening and whispering, and agent activity tracking.

Dedicated KPIs

Track call volumes on your interactive dashboard to adapt to call spikes in real-time.

Enhance your customer conversations

Automate your outbound campaigns

Automatically insert callers into your outbound campaigns for a more proactive, targeted and personalized communication.

Ensure customer satisfaction

Engage your customers with proactive messages with SMS or outbound call campaigns to hear what your customers have to stay or to keep them informed.

Be easily reachable!

Reduce customer effort by offering different channels of contact. With more channels, your resources can be optimized all while give your customers the choice.

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