Ensure business continuity

Protect your business with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)/Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Set up BCP/DRP solutions to protect your business against major risks

Loss of revenue

In the event of unexpected downtime, even temporary, the economic impact can be felt on operating costs, productivity, and sales.

Customer dissatisfaction

Your downtime can be more or less serious depending on your business, but either way customer satisfaction will be affected.

Loss of data

The downtime of certain services can cause data loss and computer malfunctions in other IT services.

Secure your telecom resources

According to your business´ specific needs (downtime risk measurements, company organization and processes…), create suitable backup plans for your numbers.


Use numbers provided by different operators to protect your business against network failures while managing them all on one single platform.

Advanced routing

Create routing trees that meet your BCP/DRP needs. Automate routing back-ups and benefit from one-click changes in case of issues.

Automatic alerts

Be informed of any incident. The second a back-up route is used, you can receive an SMS or email directly.

Obtain real and measurable results

Reduced back-up/recovery time

During downtime, time becomes a critical factor. Benefit from a quick business recovery in minimum delays.

High availability guaranteed

BCP/DRP help you guarantee a high availability to your customers, even in the case of unforeseen events.

Controlled costs

Control your budgets with fixed BCP/DRP costs, rather than taking chances with unpredictable downtime costs.

Unified management

Reduce the number of used resources for more efficiency. With INO, you benefit from having to deal with only one business contact and using one single platform.

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