Optimize every aspect of your contact center

Implement solutions that create a harmony between agents, technology and customers.

Overcome your contact center challenges

Add communication channels

With just a couple of clicks, add the contact channels that your customers expect, and easily manage them from one single platform.

Manage the quality and performance of your business

Real-time statistics, customizable dashboards, monitoring tools … you’ll have all the tools you need to effectively manage every aspect of your contact center.

Optimize your agents' time

Is your team overwhelmed by the volume of work? Use intelligent routing, self-service, and automation tools to help lighten the load.

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Each channel is best suited for a specific need. Based on the urgency of request, if it’s complicated or not, who the customer is… the best channel can be used. That way, customers are more satisfied and your resources are better used.

Real-time assistance

For urgent or high-value requests, ensure that they are immediately distributed to available agents using direct channels such as the phone or live chat.

Delayed assistance

For requests that are less urgent or complex, offer help by email or give customers the possibility of being called later, at a time that suits both them and your availability peaks.

Through self-service

Set up self-care tools to let your customers help themselves.

Smart routing, the key to efficiency

To ensure your customers are routed to the right services on the right channels, be sure to correctly qualify their needs beforehand.

Reduce transfers

Combine routing and smart distribution to ensure your customers are directly connected to the right person.

Reduce low-value requests

Guide your customers to the right channel or self-service based on urgent, routine or low-value requests.

Track your customer journeys

Analyze your routing trees to ensure they are well suited for your business organization and avoid potential customer frustrations.

Reduce your agents’ workload

Automate routine tasks

Data recording, campaign feeding, SMS triggering… automation possibilities are endless and help you gain in productivity.

Help out your agents

Your teams will have tools that were made with them in mind to help them in their daily tasks: templates, customer information screen-pop, knowledge bases…

Set up campaigns

Use outbound call, IVR or SMS campaigns to give a hand to your agents.

Obtain real and measurable results

Engaged employees

Your agents will appreciate having a user-friendly tool that helps with their daily tasks and helps eliminate monotonous tasks.

Increased productivity

By combining routing, automation, and analytic tools, you can easily identify and fix any friction points in your organization to be more efficient.

All of your tools in one place

Reduce the number of business tools you use and connect your other business apps for a centralized, synchronized and frictionless management.

Evaluate your business with precision

Analyze your business in real-time or take a deep-dive in data later on using dedicated KPIs and customizable dashboards.

Overcome your contact center challenges now