Streamline your debt collection process

From contacting customers to accepting card payments, manage your debt collection process from start to finish.

Overcome your main debt collection challenges

Optimize your operating costs

Automate reminders, offer self-service tools and reduce the time agents have to spend on low-value tasks.

Make it easy for customers to pay

Reduce the effort customers need to make to do business with you. Offer several payments methods across different channels so customers can pick which is the most suited.

More functions, less tools

Reduce the number of business tools you use to track your debt collection performance with more precision and less effort.

Automate reminders

Schedule outbound SMS, IVR or calls dedicated to payment recovery. By automating these tasks, no customer gets forgotten and productivity is increased.

Create debt collection campaigns

Reach out to customers to collect unpaid debt. Choose direct contact via an outbound call campaign or set up a VMS or SMS campaign to free up agents.

Try strategies

Based on customer profiles, automatically decide when to schedule callbacks if they weren’t reached the first time.

Guided interactions

Help out your agents with call scripts, customer context and knowledge bases.

Dedicated statistics

Launch several campaigns and track their individual or overall performances.

The right card payment channel at the right time

Financial problems, unsuitable payment methods or a simple oversight… The reasons for unpaid bills vary. Create debt collection strategies with the right combination of tools tailored to your clients to make paying easier.

With an agent

Let your agents assist your customers with the payment process during your debt collection campaigns. Smoother for your customers, your payment process becomes frictionless.

Through self-service

Accept card payments through IVR, web link, or directly through your website to let your customers pay when they’re available.

Obtain real and measurable results

Satisfied customers

Customers will appreciate the ease of use, flexibility and lack of friction in the payment journeys offered by your business.

Increased recovery rate

By being attentive to customer needs, with a suitable reminder and payment recovery process, you’ll increase your recovery rate.

Increased productivity

By using automation tools, your productivity will increase whether you use agent or agentless solutions.

Track business with precision

Follow your recovery progress, from cash flow to campaign performance, with dedicated KPIs, real-time information and dashboards.

Get better debt collection results with INO